Fun Question FAQ - Would you accept the power to fly at the price of AGING FASTER every moment you are flying?

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This means that if you accept the power to fly, whenever you are using your power, you will be aging faster than normal. You will age at twice the unit of time that you spend flying. That is, for every 1 second you are flying, you will age 2 seconds. For every 1 minute you are flying, you will age 2 minutes etc.

Question FAQ

How fast could you fly?
Your maximum flying speed is 200km/h (this is the max speed of a lot of cars).
This question seems like the same question as the other about the power to fly. Are they different questions?
Yes, the two questions are different. One is about aging, and the other is about time until death. In these questions, aging does not necessarily mean closer to time of death.
How come there is no choice between Yes and No, like Maybe?
Because, there is no middle ground between accepting and NOT accepting the power. If you choose NOT to accept the power, then nothing in your life would be really changed. Besides, it wouldn\'t be much fun to see a bunch of Maybes on the poll results ;-)
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