Fun Question FAQ - Would you accept the power to fly at the price of TIME until your death every moment you are flying?

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This means that if you accept the power to fly, whenever you are using your power, you will be losing the time left towards your death (call it "Doom Time") faster than you normally would. You will lose twice the unit of time from your Doom Time that you spend flying. That is, for every 1 second you are flying, you lose 2 seconds from your Doom Time. For every 1 minute you are flying, you will lose 2 minutes etc.

Question FAQ

How fast could I fly?
Your maximum speed is 200km/h (this is the max speed of a lot cars).
How can someone know the time left until their death?
Nobody knows the time left until their death. But, assume that there IS an exact amount of time left and you don\'t know it. What you DO know is that flying would decrease this time.
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