Fun Question FAQ - Least $(US) to fight a lion bare-handed for 30secs?

Question Details

You (a bare-handed human being) against a lion (King of the Jungle). The lion is a healthy adult in its prime, and it's hungry. You would be caged with the lion in a ring of about 10 meters by 10 meters. The 30 second countdown starts when you make physical contact with the lion. During the 30 seconds, there will be no escape from the cage and no stopping the fight. After 30 seconds, the lion disappears magically and medical and/or religious personnel immediately attend to you for free.

Question FAQ

What if you lose the fight?
Don\'t worry about winning the fight, just step in the ring and try your best, and you will get the money. If you die during the 30 seconds as a direct result of the lion, then the money will go to whoever/whereever you want it to (e.g. Family, friends, and/or charity).
I don\'t want the lion to be hurt. So how would I still get the money?
The lion is always treated humanely and with the utmost respect. But, what you do with your 30secs to the lion is between you and the lion. After making physical contact with the lion, you can treat it as humanely as you want during the 30secs and you will still get the money.
So is there anything I can use against the lion?
Ya, your brain and brawn. You have no weapons and minimal clothing (only enough clothes to cover your dignity). The cage has absolutely nothing else in it other than your body and the lion. I guess you could use the cage walls and the ground for some strategic maneuvers.
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